Elastic pins (.PDF)

  • ISO 8752 : heavy duty
  • ISO 13337 : light duty
  • ISO 8748 : coiled heavy duty
  • ISO 8750 : coiled standard duty
  • ISO 8751 : coiled light duty
  • NSA 5319 et 5319M

Special pins (.PDF) :

Specific forms of slots prevent from tangling during automatic feeding processes on assembly lines, or during coating operations made on the pins themselves.

These parts are used in multiple applicatios :

  • Assembly

  • Fixed link

  • Junction, Yoke-Pin, driver



Spindle (.PDF)

Axles for rollers, for pulleys, for hinges, for caps and all kinds of other swivelling assemblies.


Quick fitting by bushing operation. Reduced mass thanks to hollow body. The spindle elasticity compensates for some clearance/free play caused by wear. During rotation, the broken edges of the slot do not damage the bore.



Centering dowels and grinded pins (.PDF)


Applications :

  • Guidance and precise assembly of 2 parts by grinding

Different possibilities :

  • Elastic centering dowel with a slot in order to compensate differences

  • Centering dowel with joined slot, without any elasticity

  • Cylindrical pins : assembly subjected to high shear strains. Need a great thickness.

22 26



Spacers and Compression limiters (.PDF)




Applications :

These parts are designed in order to strengthen plastic or rubber bores.

39 23

Of various shapes and easily fitted in position thanks to their slot, these parts prove their functional utility in all kinds of assemblies where mechanical forces are exerted on components made of tender/soft materials.



Other tubular fasteners

Bagues de chassis Bras de suspension transversal, bras de suspension à ressort ou chassis de support  eye
Chassis bushes
Transverse control arm, spring-loaded control arm, or supporting frame.
Anti-vibration cages 
Functional component for hydraulic support. Driving comfort and driving safety enhancement.
Shock Absorber Eyes
Designed to accomodate the shock-absorber mounting



Elastic bushings (.PDF)


Standards : DIN 1498 / DIN 1499 or others on demand

Applications : Any shaft movement in a bore induces friction wear of the shaft and/or the bore. In order to avoid this major inconvenience, it is therefore essential to insert an intermediary part. Mécanindus bushings are the rational and economical solution to solve this problem.

Market areas :

  • Building industry

  • (Ferrage)

  • Suspensions

  • Railway industry

  • Agricultural machines




Expansible and cup plugs (.PDF)




Applications : Cup plugs (with or without calibrated hole), core plugs…


Market areas :

  • Casting industry

  • Aeronautical industry

  • Railway industry

  • Automotive industry

  • Agricultural machines





Circlips – Retaining rings




Standards : DIN 471 / DIN 472 or others on demand

Applications : Axis and rolling lock, .

Maintaining in position.

Market areas:

  • Automotive (transmission, gearbox… )

  • Wind power

  • Agricultural machines

Seat Sensor